Being a part of something bigger...a part of history

What does Virginia Johnson especially like about Girl Scouts – that girls are encouraged to take action and make the world a better place. She attributes her granddaughter Emma's outstanding character to Girl Scouts, especially her desire to 'give back'. Making the world a better place is a primary facet of the Girl Scouts activities and vision.

Virginia says,"Building courage, confidence and character starts with giving girls a "place to belong"...a place for girls to build their confidence and learn values. It helps girls through hard times, while they are growing up."

While Virginia has her own legacy of 3 generations of Girl Scouts, she values the legacy started by Juliette Low, because it’s great for girls to be part of something bigger. It's being a part of history.
Her granddaughter Emma is a big reason why Virginia gives to the Girl Scouts (Emma inherited the same love for the Girl Scouts from her grandmother).

She likes knowing that when she donates to the Girl Scouts, the girls will “pay it forward” through their service projects that focus on helping others.