Clauda Boosman – A First Class Girl Scout & Volunteer

“No matter what I did with Girl Scouts, I was never told I couldn’t do something because I was a girl,’” Claudia said. That’s the power of a program that believes that girls are our greatest untapped resource for a great future.

Being a Girl Scout means a girl is surrounded by people who never set limits on her dreams. When it comes to investing in girls, no one knows the power of Girl Scouts better than volunteers and alumna who have experienced it.

Claudia Boosman is a proud member of Daisy’s Circle, a First Class recipient and former troop leader. During her time in Girl Scouts in the 1960s, she discovered a love of camping and thrived in cookie sales. Best of all, Girl Scouts gave her a place where anything was possible.

As the mother of twin Girl Scouts, Claudia continued her journey by becoming a troop leader. At this new stage, Girl Scouts now gave her time with her daughters as she helped them discover that anything is possible.

Today, Claudia invests in girls as a member of Daisy’s Circle, giving back to a program that means so much to her. “You put your money where your heart is, and Girl Scouts is where my heart is.”

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