Giving Back for Their Daughter

When Crystal Briskey received a letter about a Girl Scout informational meeting from her daughter Julie’s school, she was hesitant to share it with her at first.

Julie is on the autism spectrum and struggled with socialization and fitting in with her peers. But Matthew, Crystal's husband, encouraged both his daughter and wife to attend. And the rest, as they say, is history!

Since 2010, Crystal has served as her daughter’s troop leader and has witnessed her daughter’s confidence soar since becoming a Girl Scout! She also struggles with anxiety but Crystal said that the symptoms lessen when she is busy with Girl Scout activities. Crystal’s multi-level troop is a safe-haven for many girls with differing special needs, including hearing impairment and behavioral issues.

“I know for certain that this troop has changed my daughter’s life,” Crystal said. “She is excited about Girl Scouts because she gets to have friends and a social life.”
For Crystal and Matthew, the choice to become Daisy’s Circle members was an easy one.

“We were at the volunteer recognition event and they asked if anyone wanted to become founding members,” Crystal remembered. “My husband and I looked at each other and we both knew it was something we were going to do.”

Crystal admits that as a one income family, donating is a sacrifice. But for something that is so important to their daughter’s well-being, it is just one thing they can do to give back.

“You have no idea the huge impact your donation can have,” Crystal said.