Giving for the Benefit of All Girls

Sally Allen is a Girl Scout Alumna and has been on staff at the council for 15 years! She is currently leading four service units as a Membership Manager.

From the first moment she became a staff member and was offered the opportunity to give through the council’s staff campaign, she has been giving on a monthly basis through Daisy’s Circle. Girl Scouts is such a huge part of her family’s life and she wanted to make sure they contributed to its financial well-being.

“I believe so strongly in the benefit of Girl Scouting that I want to contribute financially as much as I can,” Sally said. “I can proudly say that I have believed in the organization for 15 years by giving part of my own paycheck back.”

Sally started giving in 2000, because of the wonderful things Girl Scouts was providing for her daughter Chelsea (shown in the photo). Fifteen consecutive years later, she continues to give for what Girl Scouts can do for all girls.

“My daughter graduated from college with a science degree,” Sally said. “She credits Girl Scouts for much of her ambition and drive - words that make me proud.”

Sally encourages people of all backgrounds and communities to give.

"Contributing to Girl Scouts isn’t limited to the wealthy – everyone can give,” Sally said. “It doesn’t have to be much – just consistent and heartfelt.”