Katlyn Morris – Giving Back to Girl Scouts Like Her

“If you’re thinking about joining Daisy’s Circle, just go for it. [As a Girl Scout] it’s investing in you. It’ll help you be a better person in society and help other girls in your community,” said Katlyn.

Daisy’s Circle provides more than funding for Girl Scouts – it ensures experiences and awareness. For Girl Scout Ambassador, Katlyn Morris, becoming a Daisy’s Circle member meant that she could ensure other girls, just like her, had opportunities. As a girl herself, Katlyn knows what a difference Girl Scouts has made in her life and wanted to be part of making sure that all girls have the opportunity to be Girl Scouts.

Katlyn joined Daisy’s Circle at Inspire a Girl in 2016 and has had a full year of pride in giving back to her community. Not only that, as a Girl Scout, Katlyn gives back through service. For her Silver Award project, she helped provide toys to kids in African through Operation Christmas Child.

By being part of a circle of giving, Katlyn knows that her money, along with the more than 400 other members of Daisy’s Circle, creates awareness, programs and opportunities she’s enjoyed for more than a decade.

You can make a difference and join Katlyn as a member of Daisy’s Circle today! Join now and help us make a difference for girls.

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