Paying it Forward

Alex & Kelsey Good, Outdoor Experiences

What’s better than a love story? How about a camp love story with an international twist! Daisy’s Circle members Alex & Kelsey Good are two amazing people who love the outdoors and the experience of Girl Scout camp that brought them together. Kelsey was a camper at Camp Oakledge who later became a counselor alongside her former kayaking instructor, New Zealand native, Alex Good. After reconnecting at Camp Oakledge, the two began a long-distance relationship that lead to a high adventure proposal atop the Sydney Bridge in Australia.

Camp was more than just a place to visit in the summers for both Alex and Kelsey. As a Girl Scout, Kelsey saw camp as the place where she found confidence and valuable life skills. “I learned confidence from camping with Girl Scouts. Some things they do put you out of your comfort zone, but that’s good, because by the end, you usually liked it. As an adult I get pushed out of my comfort zone and going to camp gave me confidence to do that,” Kelsey said. For Alex, he knew being a man at a Girl Scout camp meant he had a special role to play and he learned what GIRL POWER really meant. “Being around a Girl Scout camp really opened my eyes to what girl power is. Girls are tough…In today’s society, I think that girl power is really important and I’m glad I saw that,” Alex said.

Those camp memories and relationships brought the two from Australia to Missouri in 2013 where they tied the knot surrounded by family and lots of camp friends. Now with a son, Jonah, the two have moved back to the USA and as a family visited Oakledge to show their son the world where his parents met.

The Goods love the outdoors because of the lessons it teaches girls and the opportunities to excel that the outdoor experience provides. Joining Daisy’s Circle was a decision they made after moving back to America and remembering the incredible impact camp had on their lives. As Kelsey said, “in order for me to go to camp, I had to have a scholarship. Someone had to donate for me to be able to have this experience, so now I feel like I’m returning the favor.” Thank you to Alex & Kelsey for paying it forward for girls and making the world a better place! If you’d like to read more of their incredible story, visit our blog (!