Sherry Gibbs – Power of the Circle

“I believe in the mission of Girl Scouts, and I want to do whatever I can to support more experiences for girls.” Those are the powerful words of GSKSMO Board Member and Founding Member of Daisy’s Circle, Sherry Gibbs. This incredible volunteer knows the power of Girl Scouts firsthand and is driven to give back to the organization that helped her thrive.

Growing up in Queens, New York, Sherry Gibbs was surrounded by strong female role models – including her Girl Scout troop leader! She learned from these women that being a girl meant she could do anything. Through Girl Scouts, she learned business skills through the cookie program and especially loved the goal setting aspect and feeling of accomplishment from running her own business. This experience and excitement for business propelled her to the University of Pennsylvania for her Bachelor’s degree, then to Duke for her MBA.

Now a resident of Kansas City, Sherry is an active volunteer for GSKSMO and serves as a Board Member. For her, Girl Scouts is about encouraging girls both in person and by financial gifts that make unique programs possible. “I love sharing my story and showing girls someone who looks like them,” Sherry said. “I want girls to have opportunities that expand their horizons,” said Sherry.

She is particularly passionate about the Outreach Program because it offers girls the chance to test their limits and push themselves. Seeing girls try adventure programming for the first time is one of her favorite things about giving to Girl Scouts – because she knows she’s making that experience possible. “As girls climb the wall or zipline, they literally blossom and are so excited when they conquer their fear. Girl Scouts is all about experiences and letting girls try something they may never have an opportunity to try,” Sherry said.

We thank Sherry for her dedication to girls and continued support of Girl Scouts! You can learn more about Sherry’s story by visiting our blog (!