Troop 879 – Standing with Sister Girl Scouts

“It’s important to give to other Girl Scouts because some girls don’t get to do the things we do, so we give money so they can do it too,” Shiloh P.

Those wise words are from Girl Scout Brownie, Shiloh P., a 2nd grade Girl Scout Brownie who is also a Daisy’s Circle member. In fact, the entire troop is! Troop 879 decided to stand with sister Girl Scouts and become the first Daisy’s Circle troop after learning about philanthropy during the holiday season. Their first giving event centered around donating toys to children in their community for the holidays, and the girls caught the giving bug.

Taking half their earnings from the Cookie Program, these Girl Scouts decided they wanted to invest in girls by becoming a monthly donor to Girl Scouts. They voted as a troop in the spring of 2016 and were officially pinned in October in a special ceremony. What an amazing Girl Scout example!

Their leader, Michelle Twyman, noticed their love of service and giving, and wanted to encourage it. “We are living in an entitled world where kids believe things are owed to them. We want our girls to have a different mindset. Last year’s girls all had that giving mentality and as first graders, they were driving philanthropy, not the leaders,” Michelle said.

Please consider joining Brownie Troop 879 and become a Daisy’s Circle member today! Learn more about Troop 879 on our blog! (!