Blayre Messner – Harvesting Change

Creating change starts at home. Blayre Messner from Albany, MO is one of our amazing 2016 Gold Award and Beth Winters Scholarship Recipients. Her project, Hometown Harvest, put fresh produce in the hands of those in need in her community. Not only did the project provide food, it helped teach the lost art of gardening while bring the community together.

Blayre decided to do her project after learning about the real diet of many people in her community who live in poverty. “Poverty is a major issue [in my community]. Different organizations provide food stamps or money to purchase food, but what they end up buying is fast, cheap, ready-to-eat meals and I saw that there was a lack of produce in the diet of those in poverty,” Blayre said. By providing an opportunity for fresh produce, she was able to introduce fresh food into the lives of those in need.

In just the first year, the garden fed over 75 people, a lot for this small town! In all, Blayre’s project provided a 5-10 week supply of produce to 40 families, 23 individuals and 2 businesses! Talk about harvesting change! The project has continued into fall 2016, even though Blayre is in college. Her sister decided to do her Silver Award by building raised garden beds at the garden – how amazing to see Girl Scouts help sustain this important community project. Because of Girl Scout supporters, like members of Daisy’s Circle, Girl Scouts are making a lasting change in their communities.

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