Fruit Basket Initiative

Abby Mitchell, Overland Park, Kansas

For most of us, having enough food every day isn’t a concern, but sadly, this is not the case for thousands across our region who face hunger. Through Girl Scouts, you are making a difference by providing programming that inspires girls to be change makers. Girl Scout Ambassador Abby Mitchell from Troop 493 in Overland Park, Kansas is one such change maker that has discovered a passion for ending hunger. This 2016 Gold Award recipient has turned trash into treasure for those who face hunger in Kansas City.

Through badges and programs like the “Sow What?” Journey, Abby found a passion for the complex subject of food and turned that passion into action at her high school. After looking into the lunch program at her school, Blue Valley West, Abby developed “The Fruit Basket Initiative” to do something about food waste she was witnessing. This Gold Award project has the simple mission of saving quality food destined to become trash and instead putting it in the hands of people who are hungry. Working with Blue Valley West and Harvesters, she is helping to solve the issue of food insecurity in Kansas City. As a donor, you are making real change in our community through your support of Girl Scouts and projects like “The Fruit Basket Initiative.”

For Abby, it’s all about finding ways to give in unexpected places. “If we could all, as a world, learn to give to others in need and not be so wasteful, eventually, I don’t think we would have an issue with food insecurity anymore,” Abby said. Passions become actions because of donors like you who support programming that inspires. Thank you for being part of this change, ensuring our fellow citizens can access food. You can learn more about Abby’s exciting project by visiting our blog (!