Inspiring other Girl Scouts to take the lead

Allison Jones, Kansas City

I grew up in Girl Scouts beginning my journey at the age of five. I was shy and hesitant to try new things. My troop leader opened the door to adventure and encouraged me to take on the challenges I thought I could not overcome. Her guidance helped shape me into the woman I am today.

My name is Allison Jones, and I am a proud Girl Scout alumna working in a career I was destined to follow after my love of science was piqued by my troop leader. She built the fun of science into the Girl Scout experience with engaging experiments and adventure in the outdoors. The more I became involved in the activities, the more I wanted to learn.

In addition to my great troop experiences, I had an opportunity to spend several years working as a Girl Scout camp counselor. It was such an empowering experience to show younger girls the wonder of the outdoors. Both of these experiences led me to my first goal of studying biology with the hope of one day working with animals.

Upon graduation in 2012, I returned home and found a perfect fit as an Education Instructor for the Kansas City Zoo. Of course working directly with animals is amazing, but my favorite part is interacting with children, especially the girls. I help open their eyes to the wonder of science and show them what is possible to pursue.

After all, it was Girl Scouts that gave me the confidence to know that being myself was enough. I encourage other young girls to pursue Girl Scouting. Just like me, they will see all that is possible and reach for their dreams.