Jolly Patro – Going Gold with STEM

Why wait when you can make a difference today?! That’s exactly what aspiring Gold Awardee, Jolly Patro from Olathe, KS, is all about. She’s just a high school sophomore (Girl Scout Senior), but already she’s well on her way to earning her Gold Award. Using STEM as her guide, she’s showing kids that science is awesome!

After attending the Inspire a Girl event in April 2016 to support friends who were getting their Gold Award, Jolly was inspired to start hers. Looking at where her passions lie, Jolly decided to combine her love of science with her love of kids by developing STEM kits for Children’s Mercy Hospital. These kits challenge kids going through treatment to think outside the box and do STEM activities. The kits use every day items, so they’re easy to refill once the project has been completed by a child. The project is already gathering interest from other hospitals and Jolly is planning to present the ideas in 2018 at a conference! How amazing!

Jolly knows that giving to Girl Scouts makes an impact on the entire community. “Girl Scouts tackle all topics, not just one area, like STEM. Girl Scouts conquer everything. You know that you’re shaping the women of tomorrow [by supporting Girl Scouts]. If someone donates, they’re helping girls for a better tomorrow, a better next generation,” said Jolly.

When you support Girl Scouts by becoming a member of Daisy’s Circle, you’re supporting girls just like Jolly. “You’re helping the next generation when you give to Girl Scouts, that’s the most important thing,” Jolly said. By making a monthly gift to Girl Scouts, not only do you help girls learn valuable leadership skills, you empower them to be change-makers, just like Jolly. Make a difference and join Daisy’s Circle today!

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