Leah Wiegers – Bent, not Broken

“While success feels great, the best part of the Gold Award is my personal growth. Nothing feels better than knowing I can stand in front of a group and be a leader,” said Leah Wieger, a Gold Award recipient and Girl Scout Ambassador from Lansing, KS. Leah’s Gold Award project, “Scoliosis Diagnosis,” provided a plan for scoliosis screening in elementary schools in her community.

In 2012, Leah was diagnosed with scoliosis (a condition where her spine has an abnormal curve) and wore a brace for years. While she had a successful treatment, she learned that many kids don’t have positive outcomes without early detection. The screening, done by a school nurse, is simple, inexpensive (less than $500 to screen all the kids in her district annually) and means kids get treatment when it’s most effective. Your support of Girl Scouts has a ripple effect that could impact children throughout Kansas! 

“For girls, you screen in 5th & 7th grades, for boys, you screen 6th & 8th grades. If you catch it early, you can stop the curve from getting worse. The older girls get, the worse their curve gets,” Leah said. Her plan ensures that girls, just like her, have a better future.

Leah’s plan is now mandatory in all USD 469 (Lansing) elementary schools thanks to the “go-getter” spirit in Leah! Taking it to the next level, Leah submitted HSB2253 to the Kansas House of Representatives that would require scoliosis testing in all elementary schools in Kansas.

What an incredible example of a G.I.R.L. making real change! Thanks to the awesome Girl Scouts who are making our future look brighter and HEALTHIER for everyone! You can help girls just like Leah by becoming a member of Daisy’s Circle today! Your support means girls have access to the vital leadership programming that inspires them to make change.

Visit our blog to learn more about Leah Wieger’s story AND check out her feature on Fox 4 Young Achiever! (www.gsksmoblog.org)!